About us

Server2Rent is the number one in Europe in the rental of IT and server equipment. Our portfolio is very extensive, it includes rental of server and storage equipment. Our services focused on the optimal use of this equipment.

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Our rental service goes beyond hiring: We offer more than 35 years a wide range of products, perfect service, fast delivery and throughout the rental process very helpful and professional IT team. We work for large organizations, municipalities, government agencies and IT Resellers.

Our philosophy

Years of experience have taught us that every Server and storage  demand asks for its own unique solution. That’s why Server2Rent has based the organization of its people, products and services on the goal of providing optimal attention to each individual costumer.

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Our unique approach is also notable in our rental procedures. We like to be surprised by your demands, confident that we are ready and able to quickly find the best solution.

At Server2Rent, we understand what’s important in our business. Service and quality are our core values, making sure our people and products leave nothing to want. With our no-nonsense approach, we will work to get you the best, quickest and most comfortable solution.

Server2Rent Rental Solutions, for your convenience.

Onze producten

Our entire server storage range consists of high-quality brands. We work with professional lines of well-known manufacturers, precisely because they offer a lot (more) possibilities and have a high usability.
We can deliver:

Wwe offer you a solution for the following purposes:

  • Delivery times: You customer can’t wait to use the new solution? Our solution is ready on the rack within a day!
  • Migration: Is extra hardware needed during a migration?
  • Temporary IT projects: In case a temporary department is being set up and equipment is needed temporarily, you no longer need to buy.
  • Budget: Does your customer want to place an order, but doesn’t have a sufficient budget? Think about renting with an option to buy!
  • Proof Of Concept: Convince the customer of the best solution in their own environment.

Ons team

Server2Rent is staffed by a team of professionals, dedicated to deliver the highest level of possible service. With our shared knowledge and experience of IT and Server Storage solutions, we want to make your life as easy as we can. We value open and friendly personal communication, without being too serious while being professional. After all, doing business with us should always be a pleasure.

Our history

2016 | Server2Rent - IT & AV Rental Solutions

Server2Rent bids farewell to the name Livingston and continues under the name of Server2Rent - IT & AV Rental Solutions. The company today still focuses on rental of IT and AV equipment. It continues to respond to the latest trends and technologies. Server2Rent distinguishes itself in the market thanks to its high level of service and the great comfort it offers its clients.

2011 | Easy2Rent Livingston

Livingston Benelux continues independently under the name Easy2Rent Livingston with offices in Veenendaal (Netherlands) and Kontich (Belgium).

2000 | Livingston Benelux

The head office in London bids farewell to the name Hamilton, and continues under the internationally recognised name of Livingston. The rental product range remains the same.

1996 | Livingston - Hamilton

Livingston merges with the Netherlands branch of Hamilton. Thus combining the rental of computer equipment and measurement equipment. Hamilton was already active in the Dutch market before 1996 and has seen many developments in the field of IT.

1985 | Brammer Group

Livingston becomes part of listed company Brammer Group.

De jaren 70 | Uitbreiding in Europa

Livingston expands further and opens several offices in Europe. Also, computer systems are integrated into the product range.

De jaren 50 & 60 | De oorsprong

During the fifties Livingston is founded in England as a wholesale trade in measurement equipment manufactured in the United States, aimed at defence and communication systems. The concept proved to be successful and in the 60s Livingston continued to pursue this course.